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Lux Couture has a keen eye for form, proportion, colour, balance, texture, and style. He will be able to make your day even more special by offering services for: 

Dressing Service

A dressing service is available at an additional cost of:

Call-out-fee of R 500.00 will be charged within a 50km radius and R2.50 per km after the threshold has been reached.


With so many different types of cake to choose from, like chocolate wedding cakes or simple wedding cakes, a modern or traditional wedding cake, we can offer you various wedding cake ideas to create your perfect cake. 


The possibilities are endless when working with flowers and we find the experience rewarding 


Whether you are looking at a bright color palette or a neutral setting each can be designed to fit the bride and groom's style and vision 


We have carefully selected a variety of stunning wedding and reception venues that are capable of catering for your every need. All these establishments have trained staff and professionals who will attend to your every request. 



Tailored to perfection - Discover your own unique wedding website.

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