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LUX COUTURE will design a piece specifically for you, using your ideas as well as guiding you towards the ultimate design. With keen attention to detail, we will create your definitive garment and suiting your strict budget.

Each client gets hands-on involvement and a more personalised experience from beginning to end. All patterns are individually drafted and a mock-up of your dress will be made to ensure that your piece will fit perfectly. 



During the consultation, designer, Christopher will:

  1. Establish your budget

  2. Discover your personality and ideas you have in mind

  3. Look at how to enhance your good body features

  4. Discuss colour, texture, cut line and styles

  5. Christopher, will do a rough sketch of your design 

  6. Suggest bead-work or extras to add to your piece

  7. Measurements will also be taken








After your initial consultation,  it is up to you to decide whether you would like to continue.with the design of your dreams. If so, he will schedule 5-6 further appointments before your garment is ready for collection..

During the initial consultation, Christopher will sit with you and discuss your event and your ideas in mind, to get an understanding of your personality, likes, dislikes and how to enhance your good figure points..

 Your Design

Frequently Asked

1. Can Lux Couture dress me?

A dressing service is available at an additional cost of:

Call-out-fee of R 500.00 will be charged within a 50km radius and R2.50 per km after the threshold has been reached.

2. What will be the cost of my dress?


What really determines the cost of a gown is not so much the designer's fee, but the choice of fabric - taffeta, silk, French lace, etc. Once this has been discussed and confirmed, only then can a cost estimate be established.

3. Is there a consultation fee?

Lux Couture service is by appointment only.

The initial consultation is R 280.00 and during this 1 hour session, our head designer, Christopher,  will sit with you and discuss your wedding plans, venue, theme, etc. He will design as the consultation unfolds, discussing fabrics, colours and of course budgets. Should you accept our cost estimate, the consultation fee will be deducted of your final balance, payable before collection.

4. How many fittings will I need time for?


Once you have received your cost estimate, it is simply up to you to decide whether you would like to continue. If so, then we will schedule 5-6 further appointments, depending on the intricacy of the dress, before your creation is complete.


A 6-month lead time is ideal for your perfect wedding dresses. Lux Couture can also help with the complete Bridal party if required - Bridesmaids, Grooms, Mother-of-the-Bride etc.

5. What is my deposit?

Your deposit is costed at 60% of the total cost of the order. The balance payable on collection.

6. What fabric do we suggest?


What really determines the cost of a gown is the choice of fabric .Our head head designer, Christopher, will source the correct fabric for the structure of your dress. If the fabric used is to "soft or hard" for the structure of the dress, it will fail to impress. 


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