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The single most photographed and scrutinized piece of cloth that will ever adorn your body will likely be the all-mighty bridal gown.  With such hefty pressures to be an even more glorious version of your stunning self, finding your gown, the one that causes angels to descend and trumpets to sound, is no easy feat. Many woman see a particular design which they might like but cannot visualise whether it would suit them or not.

At LUX COUTURE, we help them overcome the unknown by giving them the opportunity to experience their body in different dress styles. This gives our clients the confidence to make the right choice based on how they look in the dress

Exclusive Design

It is important to understand what style suits you. What dress best accentuates your best features. We believes that knowing what works for you will give you the confidence to wear your dress, and not have your dress wear you. The process should be joyous, never stressful. Your dress experience should fulfill your childhood dreams, and be the highlight of your occasion.


The Cost

Material is the medium in a process that brings a dress to life. Swarovski crystals, French Chantilly lace, Duchess satin and embroidery details provide the building blocks to the perfect dress. What really determines the cost of a gown is not so much the designer's fee, but the choice of fabric -taffeta, silk, French lace, etc. 

Whatever your individual style and preference, LUX COUTURE and our team of skilled seamstresses have the experience of working with exquisite fabrics, laces and sequins to create personalised gowns for any type of wedding or occasion.

Individually Designed Pieces Start At The Following:

Wedding Gown ~ TBA

Mother of the Bride ~ From  R 1800.00

Matric Dance ~ From R 2000.00

Evening Wear ~ From R 1800.00

Men’s Suiting ~ From R 1800.00

Men’s Tie’s ~ From R 500.00

Special Occasion ~ TBA

LUX COUTURE will design a dress specifically for you - incorporating any ideas you may wish to include as well as guiding you towards the ultimate design. We also has several imaginative concepts incorporating some of the latest trends, which are on display in the studio to help guide you to your ultimate design

After this, it is simply up to you to decide whether you would like to continue. If so, then we will schedule 4-5 further appointments before your creation is complete.A seven-month lead time is ideal for wedding dresses. LUX COUTURE can also assist with the complete Bridal party if required - Bridesmaids, Grooms, Mother-of-the-Bride etc.


Payment Terms

Cash, Direct Deposit or Internet Transfer Accepted. Cash payments are eligble for a 10% discount on the total of the order.

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